By Law - Article 9
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9.1 Description:  The External Relations Council is charged with carrying out the Federationís relations with the Government of Canada and the Provinces, other ethnic organizations and with the media. It is chaired by the Vice- President (External Relations). It reports to the General Assembly through the Executive Committee for its actions.

9.2 Membership:  The members of the External Relations Council are appointed by the Executive Committee upon the recommendations of the Vice-President (External Relations).

9.3 Committees:  Subject to the approval of the Executive Committee, the External Relations Council may establish committees and name its members in various cities of Canada.

9.4 Budget:  The External Relations Council may have the financial powers assigned to it by the Executive Committee. The budget of the External Relations Council is reviewed and approved by the Executive Committee.

9.5 Terms of Office:  The term of office of the members of the Council are two years arid in any event are identical to the term of office of ,the Vice-President (External Relations).

9.6 Procedures:  The External Relations Council will establish its own procedures and advise the Executive Committee of these procedures.