By Law - Article 8
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8.1 Definition:  The Honor Council is the body that examines and makes recommendations to the Executive Committee and the General Assembly, on complaints about the membership qualifications of any member. In addition, if requested, it may act as the mediator in disputes involving members.

8.2 Election:  The Honor Council is made up of a Chairman and two members, all elected by the General Assembly with a secret ballot. The term of office of the Honor Council is two years.

8.3 Procedures: 

8.3.1   Examination of complaints about Federation members:

8.3.1.a   If it receives a complaint under Article 3.6.2, it will examine the matter and arrive at a decision according to the procedures outlined in this article.

8.3.1.b   It will collect the evidence relating to the complaint and gather the views of the parties involved regarding the complaint,

8.3.1.c   It will examine the evidence in the light of this by-law, and will convey its decision, with reasons, to the Executive Committee of the Federation and the parties involved,

8.3.1.d   If the decision of the Honor Council calls for the expulsion of a member Association, the Federation Executive Committee will circulate the recommendation to the member Associations within four weeks. The Federation Executive Committee, through written responses from the member Associations, will establish whether the recommendation to expel a member is approved or not, as prescribed in Article 3.6.2 of this by-law, which is an approval from the two-thirds of the members.