By Law - Article 5
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5.1 Definition:   The General Assembly is composed of those member Associations in good standing. It convenes according to the procedures set out in this by-law. The General Assembly is the supreme organ of the Federation.

5.2 Representation and Voting:   Each member Association may be represented in the General Assembly with representatives that do not exceed five in number. Although individual representatives of the Member Associations as well as the members of the Executive Committee may take part in the deliberations of the General Assembly as well as in moving motions, however, voting is carried out on the basis of only the member Associations having the right to vote and each member Association possessing one vote.

5.2.1 Voting by Proxy:   Associations which are unable to attend the General Assembly Meeting may vote by Proxy. The Proxy may be given in writing to another Association or to a member of the Executive Committee of the Federation. No Association shall have more than one proxy. Not more than two members the Executive Committee may possess Proxies in any General Assembly Meeting.

5.3 Meetings:   The General Assembly has the following two types of General meetings:

5.3.a Regular meetings,  

5.3.b Special meetings,  

5.3.1 Regular meetings:  

5.3.1.a   Regular meetings take place at least once in every calendar year and not more than fifteen months after the holding of the last preceding Annual meeting. Date and place of the Annual meeting shall be fixed by the Executive Committee.

5.3.1.b   Notice of meeting shall be given by the Committee to member Associations, in writing, and at least thirty days in advance,

5.3.1.c   Notice of meeting sent by the Executive Committee to the members shall include the following:

5.3.1.c.i   Date, time and place of meeting,

5.3.1.c.ii   Agenda,

5.3.1.c.iii   All of the documentation relevant to items on the agenda,

5.3.1.d   Quorum for the meeting are those members present at the meeting,

5.3.1.e   Meeting is convened by the President of the Federation. As first item of business, a Chairman and two secretaries are elected by a show of hands for the purpose of conducting the meeting,

5.3.1.f   Meeting is conducted by the elected Chairman, according to the circulated agenda. Secretaries are responsible for the preparation of the minutes of the meeting. Minutes of the meeting are to be signed by the meeting Chairman and the two secretaries. Upon closing of the meeting, minutes and all documents are transmitted to the Executive Committee,

5.3.1.g   Except where it is provided for otherwise in this by-law the meetings shall be conducted according to Bourinotís Rules of Order (Third Edition),

5.3.1.h   Items for which prior notice of at least two weeks have been given may be added to the Agenda, with the support of majority of those members present at the meeting. Any additions to the Agenda for which no prior notice have been given, must be items deemed to be of exceptional urgency by a unanimous vote of those members present and its addition to the Agenda also require the unanimous consent of members present.

5.3.1.i   At each Regular meeting, in addition to any other business, the following will be on the agenda of the meeting and will be considered:

5.3.1.i.1   Report of the Executive Committee

5.3.1.i.2   Treasurer's financial report

5.3.1.i.3   Auditor's report

5.3.1.i.4   Appointing new auditors for the next year

5.3.1.i.5   Fixing the Auditor's pay.

5.3.2 Special Meetings:   The General Assembly may be called to a special meeting at the request of the Executive Committee or the Audit Committee or by written request, with reasons, of one third of the members of the Federation. The Special General Assembly meeting may only consider items included in the call for meeting. The call for special meeting and the conduct of such meeting shall be according to the provisions of Article 5.3.1 a) to g) inclusive.

5.3.3 Duties and Powers:   The following are the duties and powers of the General Assembly:

5.3.3.a   To elect the members of the Federation organs as prescribed in this by-law,

5.3.3.b   To enact, amend or revoke the Federation by-laws as necessary, according to the provisions of Article 11,

5.3.3.c   To consider the reports of the Executive Committee, the Audit Committee and the Councils,

5.3.3.d   To review and approve the activities of the Executive Committee,

5.3.3.e   To delegate authority to the Executive Committee, with two-thirds of the members present voting in the affirmative, on acquisition or disposal of Federation property and assets, as well as to authorize borrowing including the setting of limits of borrowing.

5.3.3.f   To delegate authority to the Executive Committee on participation of the Federation in International activities; as well as on becoming a member or resignation from organizations outside Canada,

5.3.3.g   To decide on dissolution of the Federation, according to the provisions of Article 12,

5.3.3.h   To discharge the duties assigned to the General Assembly according to the Federationís by-laws,

5.3.3.i   To establish the entry fees to be paid by the Associations becoming members.