By Law - Article 3
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3.1 Definition:   A member of the Federation is an Association which has adopted the aims of this Federation; who possesses the authorities and the responsibilities described in this by-law; whose membership dues are paid up; who fulfills all the conditions set out in Article 3 and who takes part in the direction of the Federation.

3.2 Entry to Membership:   The Associations, who meet the definition and qualities of membership described in this article, may become members, when a written application submitted by the Executive Committee of the Association is approved by the Executive Committee of the Federation.

The written application to the Executive Committee of the Federation for membership must be accompanied with the following documents and information:

3.2.a.   A copy of current by-laws of the Association,

3.2.b.   A summary of the current paid-up membership and a list, as complete as possible, of names, addresses and telephone numbers of persons residing in their area, who may wish to have their name placed on the Federation’s mailing list, with an indication of those who are paid-up members.

3.2.c.   Evidence that the Association is registered with the authorities of the jurisdiction in which it is active,

3.2.d.   Minutes of the most recent General Meeting of the Association, including the report on activities, treasurer’s report and the report of the audit committee,

3.2.e.   List of the Association Executive Committee members, showing their names, addresses, occupation and the office each hold,

3.2.f.   A copy of the Executive Committee resolution for application for membership to the Federation, carrying the signatures of the members of the Executive Committee.

3.2.g.   Within three months after the receipt of a duly submitted written application, the Federation Executive Committee must decide on the application. The decision of the Federation Executive Committee must be communicated to the applying Association in writing.

3.3 Qualities of Members:  All members of the Federation, as well as all applicants for membership must have and continue to have the following qualities:

3.3.a   The Association must be registered according to either the Federal or Provincial laws,

3.3.b   Must be free of any profit making purpose,

3.3.c   Must be free of aims and purposes contrary to the principles given in Article 2, and in its activities and its deportment must be free of characteristics in conflict with the principles given in Article 2,

3.3.d   Must have as its aim, service to Turks, to the Turkish culture, to the Turkish community in Canada, to Canada, and to Turkey; and must have demonstrated this aim through its activities,

3.3.e   Must carry out its activities according to the principles and rules set out in this by-law.

3.4 Responsibilities of Members:  Each member of the Federation is responsible:

3.4.a   To take part in the direction of the Federation according to the provisions of this by-law,

3.4.b   To monitor to ensure that the Federation is administered according to the aims and procedures set out in this by-law,

3.4.c   When called upon, to carry out its duties as prescribed in the activity plans of the Federation Executive Committee and, to inform its members of these activities,

3.4.d   To take all necessary measures to maintain the membership qualities listed in Article 3.3,

3.4.e   To pay the assessed membership dues,

3.4.f   To inform the Federation Executive Committee about all matters that may come up in their area that concern Turks and the Turkish community,

3.4.g   To respect those rights and responsibilities which are according to this by-law assigned to the Federation and override the rights and responsibilities of the Associations,

3.4.h   When necessary and when requested, to obtain the resources necessary to carry out the activities of the Federation,

3.4.i   Unless authorized in writing, not to make written or oral representations in the name of the Federation or its Executive Committee,

3.4.k   In its relations with other members, to act with goodwill and with a sense of togetherness and contribute to the maintenance of these principles amongst all members,

3.5 Rights of Members:  Each member of the Federation has the following rights:

3.5.a   To take part in the Federation General Meetings, to vote, to nominate, and to elect,

3.5.b   If it observes that the Federation Executive Committee’s actions are contrary to the founding aims, to caution the Executive Committee. If the caution is not being heeded, to take the necessary steps for convening a Special General Meeting, as provided for in this by-law,

3.5.c   In the relationship of the members, if it observes activities contrary to the principles of goodwill and the sense of togetherness, to request help from the Federation and to bring forward proposals to alleviate the situation.

3.6 Resignation from Membership:  

3.6.1 Resignation from Membership:  Each member Association may resign from the Federation membership, following the decision to that effect, of its Executive Committee, or its General Assembly, as prescribed in its by-laws; by transmitting the resignation decision in writing to the Federation Executive Committee.

3.6.2 Expulsion from Membership:  Any member Association, whose activities and deportment are determined to be contrary to the purposes and the necessary qualities of members of the Federation, may be expelled from the Federation. This determination is to be made by the Honor Council of the Federation, upon the request for such a determination by a member or the Executive Committee of the Federation, according to the provisions of Article 8.3. To take effect, an expulsion decision of the Honor Council must be concurred to by two-thirds of the members of the Federation. An expelled member Association may apply for re-admission to the Federation. Such application for re-admission must be submitted according to the requirements of Article 3.2 and require the approval with two-third majority by the Federation General Assembly.