By Law - Article 2
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The purposes of the Federation are as follows:

2.1  To facilitate the functioning of Associations which possess the qualities described in this by-law, under the umbrella of the Federation. Its aim is to ensure the functioning of all existing and future Associations in Canada, in co-operation and in co-ordination with unity and according to the principles and legacies of Ataturk, namely that all Turks are partners in indivisible unity in destiny in joy and in grief; and that, they believe in and support a democratic, secular society with social justice where the rights of the individuals are respected,

2.2  To support and encourage activities of member Associations aimed at making Turkish Culture and Turks better known,

2.3  To encourage, establish and promote closer relations with Canadians and with members of other ethnic communities in Canada, and in this regard, to represent the Turkish community in the best possible manner,

2.4  To carry out the efforts it deems appropriate on important cultural, economic, educational, historical, social and religious issues, which closely relate to Turks, and to the Turkish community in Canada. In addition, to represent and to make the appropriate representations on behalf of its members and the Turkish community in Canada, in Canada and elsewhere,

2.5  To achieve the aims given in this by-law, to prepare short and long term plans and, in the execution of these plans, to arrange the co-ordination and co-operation of its members,

2.6  To act as a mediator in resolving any disputes that may arise amongst its members,

2.7  To monitor and to assist its members in continuation of their organization in a form to enable them to function according to the aims outlined in this by law,

2.8  When appropriate, to co-operate with other organizations and associations, within and outside of Canada, which have similar aim